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Based on wood as main element because of its properties both constructive how qualitative we have developed a own system and different constructive methods to respond to your project. Adding the different combinations from materials we can arrive at the finished one that you wish by very difficult that it seems.



Energy efficiency




The wood, noble matter is an insulating native who does the functions of regulator-thermos between exterior and interior. Used as decorative and ornamental element in deluxe finishes it is now the prop of our constructions.

Specialists in structures of wood and the combination of materials like the steel and the wood ó the combination of traditional construction with wood.

Constructive own system, authorized, accepted in the schools of architects, mortgage, facing the consequences.

Because there is not difference between a traditional construction and our houses (finished in stone or color cement monocapa, armored windows, etc.) the price will only distinguish them.

Fulfilling the CTE and overcoming to the traditional construction according to normative in:






We are an architecture workshop, engineering, construction and sustainability.


We carry out KITS for professionals or so that you mount it to him.


From looking for the area until the key in hand we take charge of everything.


We carry out personalized projects, we develop their idea from the beginning without additional cost.


Architecture service, executive projects, visas and work address.